About me & my Team

Helping you feel better about your body and your life

As a coach, I put the power back in YOUR hands.

…and that’s exactly what I will do with you!

To see the changes in yourself you need to work hard and should be dedicated towards your aim.
As a coach I just ignite the fire in you through my counselling and guidence.Change is not only physical but emotional and mentle too!
Patience is highly required to notice physical changes. Through follow ups we will teach you to stay calm and believe in stress free living.

I believe that we are a combination of the things we eat and the way we treat ourselves…

Building a strong relationship with healthy foods and leaving all the junk behind, you can achieve a high level of fitness and feel lighter and fresher from within. Developing a good relationship between mind and gut is a unique concept and we’ll help you to work on this.
We will make sure that every bite is as delicious as last.

Through my programs, I give people super-practical, actionable guidance so they can feel great, take care of their bodies, and actually enjoy the process.

Mary Menunos

Health Coach

Holistic Approach requires a team…

so you will need to work together with these true professionals! Let's meet them too...

Elizabeth Lemon

Yoga Instructor

Lisa Starborn

Fitness Consultant

Jena Moroni


Work with us!

Let us help you figure out what your unique self needs to feel good and thrive